ALU-Preparing for Top-Coat

ALU-Mirror Finish

ALU-Preparing for anodising

ALU Casting-Satin Finish

Grind inside pipe

Grind weld pipe connection

Welded aluminium frames

Galvanised railing surfaces

Aluminium – Removing scratches

Satin finish

Grinding out


Processing tack weld seam


Belt Grinder ABC 7
with battery

Straight Grinder ASC 9
with battery

Fillet weld Grinder AKC 3
with battery

Tube Polisher ATC 7 with battery

Inside Tube and Surface Grinding

Vessel Finishing for Pharma

Internal Round Tube Grinding

Fillet Weld Grind and Finish

Ballustrade Right Angle

Miter Corner

Stainless Sheet

Flat Bar

Flat Bar Mirror Finish

Mill Finish to No.4

Satin Polish Mitre Corner

Cardboard Grinding

Mold Deburring

Mirror Finish

Deburring Polishing by Trizact

Satin Finish

Mirror Polishing by Trizact

Fillet Weld Grinding


Water Turbine Finishing

Hairline Finish Furniture

Tube Deburring and Polishing

Wheel Polishing