Suhner Switzerland

Suhner Holding AG
5201 Brugg

Tel. +41 (0)56 464 28 28
Fax: +41 (0)56 464 28 29


The headquarters of the internationally-active company Suhner Holding AG are located in Brugg in Switzerland and currently employs around 250 members of staff. The Suhner Group develops ideas and solutions for improving industrial products and production activities. At its Swiss location, the company maintains a total of six different corporate divisions:

Machines and tools for efficient surface machining

Components for economical rationalization for drilling, tapping and milling units.

A modular program of highly versatile machining units, including for heavy applications.

Standard and customized drive and power transmission unit.

Stamping, bending and forming parts for assembly and sub-assembly of high precision.

Multi spindle heads for drilling and tapping threads on NC and CNC machines.