Air Tools - Compact Tools for Serious Applications

LSA 80/81 
◾Compact Straight grinder.
◾Extremely light weight, feels like a pencil in your hand.
◾Rugged, with a proven track record.
◾LSA 80 Front exhaust for a clean work place.
◾LSA 81 Rear exhaust with integrated muffler in the exhaust hose.
LWA 80/81 
◾Compact angle grinders.
◾For precision deburring and polishing jobs.
◾LWA 80 with adjustable 360° side exhaust.
◾LWA 81 Rear exhaust with integrated muffler in the exhaust hose
LGS 30 
◾Engraving pen with tungsten carbide stylus points for engraving metals, glass, plastics.
◾Vibration free.

LWA 70 KF  
◾Commutator cutter with adjustable depth gauge for milling using diamond blades.

LWB 20 DH, LSB 35/20 DH, LPB 12 DH 
◾Powerful straight and right angle grinders / polishers.
◾Optimum gear support.
◾Particular suitable for hard-to-reach areas.
◾Slim, high torque.
◾LFP 12 with 1/4” working spindle for direct mount of backing pad (no shank), suitable for SUN-fix grinding system (see pages 14–16), compact head design.
LFC 12 
◾Profiler and Saw with adjustable stroke 2–8 mm.
◾Low levels of noise and vibration.
◾For fine deburring, polishing and lapping in mold and die shops, aluminum castings and sculpting.
LSB 44 DH  
◾Ergonomically designed high performance straight grinder muffled rear exhaust.
LSB 70 TOP*  
◾Light weight with turbo power.
◾Sets new standards for high speed grinders.
◾*TOP = Usable with or without oil

*TOP = Usable with or without oil
Pneumatic tools for use with or without oil. Clean exhaust and breathing air, no oil film on the work piece. High performance, even in dry operation. Long service life due to use of HT- composite motor parts. Ergonomically designed. Scratch resistant insulated housing.

◾Thoroughly tested by craftsmen and industry. Built-in rear exhaust muffler, slim design. Modular design to reduce parts inventory. Service friendly, reduces downtime.

LLC 4, TOP  
◾Specially suited to use the vast range of SUN-fix surface conditioning, finishing, abrasive and polishing products.
◾900 watts: excellent size-to-power ratio.
◾State-of-the-art technology for noise reduction.
◾Exhaust blown off to rear.

◾Powerful right angle, die and extendent neck grinders for rugged use an industrial environment.
◾Ergonomically designed. Insulated scratch resistant motor housing, heavy duty spindle bearings, low noise level with muffled rear exhaust.
◾Ideal for heavy duty work in metal fabrication, foundries, forges, ship building, heavy equipment industries, farming implements, etc.
◾LWH 6 for Grindings/Cutting wheels 178 mm.
◾LWH 9 for Grindings/Cutting wheels 150 mm.
◾LWH 12 for Grindings/Cutting wheels 125 mm.
◾LLH 12 with mandrel SPG and wheel guard SH 127 for type 1, ø 125 × 25 × 22 mm grinding wheels.

Users can benefit from the mobile demo services provided by SUHNER. This offers interested parties expert advice free of charge from experienced field workers. The demo services vehicle carries all of the usual tools, attachments, and abrasives that can be used to realise individual end to end solutions for actual workpieces and to optimise the added value.